Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Just not a blogger at heart

Well, it's been way too long (again) and I don't expect anyone is still be reading this blog but things are OK in my life (if anyone was wondering).

No discourse about how the thought of fatherhood is sending me into mass hysteria (because it's not).

No complaining about how my job or my boss is terrible (because, if you think about it, I've got it pretty good even if its terrible at times).

No inspired thoughts of life, the universe and everything (because we all learned that the answer was 42 a long time ago).

Nope, I'm just not a blogger at heart. I've got a lot to say and I was egotistic enough to think that the whole world wide web (Quad Dub for those in the know) would want to hear my thoughts on these issues and many more. Maybe it's the ADHD-factor or maybe it's that I'm not that introspective or maybe I've run out of "down time" at work. It could be a combination of all of these things but what I do know is that I do not write enough to warrant a blog or a faithful readership. Face it, the only reason anybody keeps coming back to read this thing is out of some hope-springs-eternal-thing. They keep hoping I'll write and I keep... well... not writing.

So let's do it thisaway from now on: I will write when and if I am inspired to do so (sort of like right now). Any readers I still have left after this post can feel free to check-in if they wish but I can promise nothing (which is pretty much what I've given so you won't be disappointed). I still read blogs when I have the opportunity but that's about all the involvment I've got time for these days.

It was fun while it lasted.

Maybe it will be again one day.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, October 28, 2005

"I hate..."

I hate getting sick on Fridays because I know that the weekend is going to plain suck!

I hate sitting through an entire 40-minute presentation at work only to be told that all the information can be found on the companies homepage!

I hate it when I wait until the last minute to think of a Halloween costume and I hate that I do it every single year!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Oh Mexico

This past weekend I went to Mexico with my church to build a house and Montezuma is exacting his bitter revenge on most of my team.

For reasons unknown, he has spared me.

At least, for now...

Thursday, September 29, 2005

A 2nd Family

Today we had to say goodbye to a colleague. This woman has been our project leader for the past 3 years and in that time became so much more than merely a boss. She became a friend. Although her reasons for moving on are noble and will ensure a better life for her family (she and her husband and her kids will finally get to live in the same state) we will miss her dearly.

This got me thinking about how work is a funny place. We spend more time at work and with our co-workers than we do with our own family. We come to work everyday and spend eight (sometimes more) hours a day with complete strangers. We may try to keep our distance but the dynamics of the workplace demand that they not remain total strangers. We are simply forced into relationship with these people like it or not. Sometimes we get lucky and make friends at work and sometimes... well, we're not so lucky. Still none of that matters because, just like family, you don't have much choice. These co-workers, in a sense, must become members of your 2nd family. It may be a dysfunctional, oh-god-please-stop-sharpening-your-pencils-or-I'll-shove-them-where-the-fluorencent-lights-don't-shine! 2nd family but a family nonetheless.

My colleague (and friend) cried when she told us of her impending departure. Heck, we all cried! This was one of the good ones and we didn't want to let her go away. We've hidden from this moment by immersing ourselves in a bittersweet flurry of party planning, gift buying and contact information exchanging. But now the hour is upon us and we must say our farewells, shake hands and promise to keep in touch. We must let go of one who has touch us deeply.

Today we said goodbye to a friend who was also our colleague and we will miss her dearly.

Friday, September 16, 2005

One Little Word...

...And my life is changed forever!

Yes, Mrs. Ironsulfide and I have a bun in the oven and are anticipating the arrival some time in May. I plan on doing a lot of smiling and laughing after the "deer in the headlights" look wears off my face.

Lord help us, I'm gonna be a father!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Letter from Ground Zero

I have a friend that moved to the New Orleans area about 4 months ago. He just sent out an email that tells some of his hurricane experience and, believe it or not, actually has some funny news. I have posted it as it came to me so please excuse the typos and the formatting.

Howdy Y'all -

I'm alive & well in Lafourche Parish (& counting my blessings).... commuting between Thibodaux & Larose. Thibodaux is powered up & there is a little coffee shop across from the house I was shacked up in for the storm that has Internet access... that's where I am right now.I greatly appreciate the prayers & concern of y'all. It obviously worked as I was planning to ride out the storm with my buddy as he had a concrete 2nd story apartment up at the Lakefront. That of course would have been a disaster. When I called him to find out how to get to his house he was halfway to Texas. Thibodaux has probably faired better than anywhere I've seen so far. I've just seen an aerial photo of New Orleans & the house where I was staying is under water (with my passport, birth certificate & green card none of which are waterproof). Last Monday about noon I came out to see what the damage was. I drove down to my trailer in Larose (about 40 miles east of Thibodaux) and practically every tree, plant, gas station roof, electric pylon, telephone pole etc was leaning to the east. All the sugar cane fields (about 75% of the land around here) were flat to the east.... very surreal looking. I was absolutely shocked when I got to my trailer. It was in better shape than ever! All the garbage, bits of timber, old tables & chairs etc that were lying around in the yard were gone, the steps were almost gone, the dilapidated fence was gone & hardly any water anywhere. The bayou looked very tranquil. The last week has been kinda rough, as we didn't have any power. My roommate has lived in CA all his life so he's having a hard time with the heat & humidity. He's has been sleeping in his car every night with the AC running. I don't have that luxury as I only get 15 miles per gallon & gas is already very scarce & expensive. Sleeping in the same car is out of the question as his snoring is diabolical. It's also been quite difficult to get decent food to eat. I finally had a meal today that wasn't fried catfish. I've been working for the last 2 days. The company that I worked for has sustained minimal damage. Some of the sister yards on the Gulf Coast don't even exist anymore. So again I am very fortunate.

I have been able today to talk with some of my friends from NewOrleans.... all are out of town now & some don't have any plans to come back. I talked with a guy a few hours back who stayed in the French Quarter during the storm & he managed to evacuate when the water started rising. The account he gave me was absolutely outrageous & very depressing. I'll not go into it but if it's true then people will take a very long time to recover psychologically from this disaster. I'm planning to go back into the city in a few weeks.I know it's going to be a very weird experience. I guess I'll just wait & see what happens & who comes back & who doesn't.

Thanks for everything,


The Age of Innocence over!

At least when it comes to blogging anyway. My deepest apologies to all my anonymous readers out there but I am no longer allowing comments from the "unregistered" *eeewwwwuuhh!* In the light of recent blog events I have decided that I can no longer continue to believe that the blogosphere is a happy-go-lucky community of folks who just want to live and let live. KMJ's photo blog desecration and FK's spam-like comment posted on his latest entry have moved me to disallow any anonymous, unnamed, unknown and otherwise unblogger-types from leaving comments on this blog. I am sorry but even the blogosphere is a dangerous place and we can be ignorant to that fact no more!

Thank you for your attention

Friday, September 02, 2005

Nothing can be said

I am left in shock as the stories and the images continue to reveal the total and utter destruction left in the wake of the hurricane. I cannot find any words to describe my emotions and none would due the victims justice.

Please donate and pray for our fellow Americans.

American Red Cross Hurricane Relief